Whom is it for?

Interested persons as well as experts and scientists can inform themselves about pollen data and their use here.

The EAN pages can be separated in public pages for information and internal pages for database usage. Interested persons will find information about services and output of the database on the public pages. Registered users will access directly the database with their login data to upload, see, analyze or download data and are informed about news of the database and evaluation methods directly. Users of the database are comprised of personnel of universities, governmental organizations, foundations and private individuals.

Members of EAN have the opportunity to access data from other pollen monitoring sites and to follow the development of pollen seasons in remote areas. This access is essential for academic research, calibration of models and development of pollen forecasts. Moreover, EAN offers the possibility of a free backup of datasets. The Data-Use Policy and the trust in co-members and the administration is the fundament for every EAN member while handling data.

The database is mainly used for exchanging data between scientists. Therefore the contents of the database are valid only for registered users with a password only. Some of the data is made available as a downstream service for various organizations to create dispersion and forecast models.

The data is property of the individual data suppliers and is shared only under contract for usage (please see ”Data-use policy”). The respective contact persons can be found on the national pages on www.polleninfo.org.