Public services

The public pages of the EAN websites and are intended for the use of the general public. Historical and recent data is available there as graphs and load maps. A regular evaluation of pollen data is essential for pollen information to correctly assess the actual situation for pollen allergy sufferers.

Possibilities of using are Countdown data to forecast the start of flowering, regional graphs with recent pollen data in comparison to the average of the last five years, forecast maps, European load maps for holiday planning to the average daily load and the symptom load map – depending on the respective country manager. Pollen information is an essential support for allergen avoidance. Pollen allergy sufferers receive thanks to the EAN database the best possible pollen information.

Moreover, there is an access to a personal pollen diary ( for pollen allergy sufferers. There, users can document their personal burden, get an overview, compare symptom with pollen data and receive correlation calculations with different allergens. A pollen allergy can thus be isolated and documented. The user can provide his physician such data or plan medication more efficiently as well as improved judging a therapy progress. In addition, there is the “Pollen” App available in a couple of countries (in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden), that provides personalized pollen information by being connected with the pollen diary. This service adapts and changes the pollen forecast based on the individual reaction pattern.